May 12

Find Your Inner Guru

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Do you ever wonder how certain people always seem to give good advice? Some would simply call them old souls or suggest they are wise beyond their years, but I think it is a mistake to do so. Your trusted guru may have these talents for reasons that have less to do with who they are, and more to do with what they do.

I believe that we all have a deep well of inner wisdom accessible to us through intuition. The problem for most people is tapping into this resource, especially when our social world encourages us to seek the opinions and expertise of others. All of this input often amounts to little more than overwhelming noise. But looking inward instead of outward is just the first step. Probably the most difficult step in engaging our intuition is moving past our other internal workings. Of course we can’t expect to have a strong connection to our intuitions if we give heed to every temporary emotion or want, but it is the ego that poses the greatest threat to our ability to thrive.

Our egos are a source of rational distraction, defending us from the threat of pain and failure, but also effectively protecting us from our dreams. Ego is often that rational voice of fear telling you why something just won’t work, or suggesting a safer way to get at least part of what you want. I think the ego is almost like a sweat gland in the way it excretes rationalizations and fear when the heat is on. While the ego serves an undeniably useful purpose, we cannot always indulge it and expect to reach the greatest heights.

Sometimes, we just have to sweat it out.

While the ego tries to control uncertainty by keeping us safe and comfortable, our intuition allows us to be resilient to uncertainty. With intuition, we can move forward even when we don’t know the way; we can make decisions based on our core values and our own personal wisdom, tolerating the unknown to continue on a path of growth. Intuition shouldn’t be the only tool you use in your toolbox, and it cannot guarantee that we’re right or that we won’t fail, but making decisions that resonate with who we are is an empowering way to deal with uncertainty.

Sometimes when I think about the future, it seems like standing in front of a blank canvas. If you’ve ever done this, you know it’s an intimidating task. Somehow, who you are and what you want to create is supposed to come through in the finished work. But even when you get in touch with your vision, cultivating the necessary skill to bring it to life takes practice. Likewise, we can stand in the unknown of our futures and, with practice and skill, use our intuition to help design and carve a path forward.


  1. julie

    May 27, 2014



    This is an excellent piece, it makes us step back and think about who we really are, as opposed to who society dictates we should be…..where would we be without our intuition, irrespective of; whether we write or not.
    Stay safe on your journey.

    1. Ashley Laabs

      August 23, 2014

      Sorry for the delayed response, Julie. I’m just coming back to the blog after an extended absence. Thank you so much for your comments! It is so energizing to hear from people who are on the same journey.

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