Welcome to Habitually Hopeful! My name is Ashley Laabs, and I’m thrilled to be a little part of your day.

This blog is dedicated to what I call the upward spiral. Instead of letting resignation or ignorance take us down the slopes of the more publicized downward spiral, we can use self-knowledge, good habits, and a dedication to growth to push our way up!

Better relationships, careers, and a sense of personal pride is the goal. Fortunately, the tools we need to achieve are within us already. Habitually Hopeful is for people who choose the upward spiral, an integrity-driven path to crafting your ideal life.

About Me

I have lived my entire life in Metro Detroit. While the headlines are a little daunting as of late, anyone who has truly experienced the city can tell you what a gem it is. Continually rebuilding and redefining itself, this blog could easily be an ode to the grassroots mentality of that magnificent city. It might also be a tribute to my family, who showed me the value of hard work as they bootstrapped to provide for my brother and me.

Call it the Gen Y curse if you must, but after a quarter century immersed in such an environment, I really do believe that anything is possible. Life is long enough to live up to your expectations. At the same time, I’m no optimist, but I know that hard work and good habits can do a lot to open the doors we want to walk through.

Friends would describe me as the psychiatrist of the group, and from a young age I dreamed of having an advice column. When I’m not problem solving, I love to be onstage, in the kickboxing studio, or creating beautiful and delicious things at home.

I never did pursue psychology, but my study of writing, music and communication has proven just as helpful. I spend my 8-5 as the editor for a trade magazine, helping small business owners stay current and achieve their goals. I also freelance for individuals and small businesses when the opportunity arises. Most of all, I am passionate about practicing good communication. The written word, spoken word and musical expression always seem to connect the dots and decompartmentalize my life.

What I Want for You

After reading Habitually Hopeful, I hope you gain a sense of empowerment, a clearer perspective and the motivation to make great choices for your life. I also hope you find a sense of peace knowing there are other people like you who are ready to make a change. We are always a work in progress, and we are never done improving. This is intended to be a supportive, curious, thoughtful space to help you on your way.

Want to Know More?

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