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Find Your Inner Guru

May 12, 2014 / 2 Comments / Featured, Personal Growth

Do you ever wonder how certain people always seem to give good advice? Some would simply call them old souls or suggest they are wise beyond their years, but I think it is a mistake to do so. Your trusted guru may have these talents for reasons that have less to do with who they are,…

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2014: A Year of Exploration

January 2, 2014 / 4 Comments / Featured, Personal Growth

The new year is here! I, for one, am so relieved. 2013 was a year of preparation. Financial planning, meal planning, and working toward deeper relationships with the most important people in my life. It was a very difficult year, in part because everything I did was some form of delayed gratification to reap in 2014,…

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When You Change, Everything Changes

November 30, 2013 / No Comments / Featured, Personal Growth

Four years out of college, I’m among a throng of twenty-something year olds who place what will someday seem like a disproportionate amount of value in how “put together” our lives are. Despite the strangely intuitive chase for acceptance through arbitrary expectations, the whole process already seems exhausting. When I try to figure out why,…

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